Reading: Skimming and Scanning



June 1, 2022

Using these methods, you can save time on reading activities.


How can I save time in the reading tasks?

Do you have any experience with these methods? When you read a text, you probably feel like you must read it carefully, understanding every word you see. Many times, while doing this, we come across difficult terms that cause mental breakdown and a sensation of I-can’t-do-it. These methods are commonly used in language tests.

These are time-saving techniques that will not only help you finish the tasks quickly, but also with the certainty that you have found exactly what you needed in the text.


It entails a superficial reading of the text in order to grasp the main ideas and how they are organized into paragraphs. This initial reading will provide you with enough information regarding the tone and issues discussed. You may miss some key points, but don’t worry; you’ll be able to find them by scanning the text in the next step.


When we scan a text, we’re looking for keywords. To do so, you must go through the questions and look for the keywords.  It’s essential that you answer one question at a time and use your bird’s eye to spot crucial terms in the text. After that, you can go back to the text and read a particular section again to answer the question.