LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT PLATFORM for Businesses and Educational Institutions

Optimize your students' assessment processes and boost your employees' productivity

With Langoo, assessing language proficiency becomes a simple, convenient, and efficient task. No fuss, no wasted time

Evaluación de empleados con la plataforma Langoo

Why Work with Langoo?

Our multi-level test (based on the CEFR standards) provides a fair and accurate assessment of the four skills, entirely online

Leverage flexibility and technology to transform language assessments in your company or educational institution, and invest your time in what truly matters.

Assessment of all skills: reading, speaking, listening, writing

Simplification and automation of processes through AI

Fewer errors, more impartiality

Real-time tracking of results

Flexibility: Access anytime, anywhere

Task reduction leading to time and resource savings

Evaluación de todas las competencias: lectura, habla, escucha, escritura

Simplificación y automatización de procesos gracias a la IA

Menos errores, más imparcialidad

Monitorización de resultados

Flexibilidad: acceso donde y cuando sea

Reducción de tareas que se traducen en un ahorro de tiempo y recursos

What we offer

In addition to optimizing your processes, Langoo supports you in team loyalty building. Set a measurable, quantifiable goal with an official certificate, making language learning meaningful for both the employee and the institution

Alumno haciendo test de nivel

Assessment Test

Simplify your language assessment tests with our smart test

Alumna estudiando en la plataforma Langoo

Exam Preparation Platform

Available anytime with content tailored to each user, based on their learning progress and level

How does it work?

Opción 1

Choose only what you need

You can independently hire the level test or the E-learning platform, according to your processes and needs

Opción 2

Or keep both

Start with the level test and continue with the learning process on the E-learning platform for those who need it

¿Cómo funciona?

Opción 1

Elige una modalidad

Puedes contratar de forma independiente el test de nivel o la plataforma E-learning, según tus procesos y necesidades.

Opción 2

O quédate con las dos

Empieza con el test de nivel y continua con el proceso de aprendizaje en la plataforma E-learning para aquellos que lo necesiten.

Langoo's technology versus traditional assessment

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Traditional Assessment

Why work with Langoo?

Empresa trabajando con la plataforma Langoo

For your company or educational institution

Empleados y alumnos Langoo

For your employees or students

Empresa trabajando con la plataforma Langoo

Para tu empresa o entidad educativa

Empresa trabajando con la plataforma Langoo

Para tus empleados o alumnos

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Send the registration link to your employees or students


Recipients sign up and access the test or training platform


Obtain results immediately. Monitor the process in real time

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