AI-Powered Digital Language Platform

A game-changing methodology for your language certification assessment and preparation processes

With Langoo, assessing language proficiency becomes a breeze—simple, convenient, and efficient. No hassle, no time wasted.

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Level up with intelligence

We’re revolutionizing language exam assessment with NLP, empowering educators, institutions, and students. Simplify and speed up the assessment process in your institution, and increase candidate flow

Don’t stop there—help your students and employees achieve their official language certification. Empower them to take control of their educational journey, and foster a dynamic cycle of improvement and progress in your company

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Assessment Test

Automated language assessment to accurately determine the candidate's/student's true language proficiency level

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Flexible and personalized preparation

No schedules, content tailored to each user based on their learning and level. A win-win for both the employee and the company.

A tool that transforms the language evaluation process


Efficient and fast grading


Simplified processes for businesses and institutions


Real-time monitoring and control for both the institution and the student


Self-assessment and instant feedback

How we do it

Artificial Intelligence

Combining state-of-the-art AI technology with the hallmark of quality from specialized teachers

Human Factor

The platform bears the quality seal of the evaluator.


One platform for both candidates and institutions. Assessment and preparation in just one click

Comprehensive and effective

Assessing all four skills: reading, speaking, listening, and writing as recommended by the CRUE

Langoo for Businesses and Educational Institutions

Enhance your Assessment and Training Processes

Streamline Time and Results in Your Workers’ or Students’ Assessment and Training Processes

Objective and Impartial Evaluation

Conduct a Fair and Accurate 100% Online Assessment. More Convenience, Fewer Errors

Simplification and Automation of Processes

A platform for all users and competencies, with automatic monitoring and reminders that streamline the process

Langoo for Test Takers

Prepare and pass your desired language certification

Open Doors to Success: Cambridge, SIELE, and DELE Certifications within Reach!

Practice Anytime, Anywhere!

On the train, at the beach, while traveling, or from the comfort of your couch: you can use Langoo wherever you are.

Guided and personalized learning

We’ll recommend only the tasks you need, providing personalized feedback to help you improve and obtain your certification

Trusted by Leading Companies

Langoo for Businesses and Institutions

Enhance your Assessment and Training Processes

Langoo for Test Takers

Prepare and pass your language certification