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Why Langoo?

Our multilevel test (based on CEFR standards) provides a fair and accurate assessment of all four English language skills, conducted 100% online. Leverage flexibility and technology to revolutionize language evaluations in your organization and invest your time in what truly matters.



We solve the most common problems in the classroom: a class with very different levels, difficulty practicing speaking, and reducing teacher correction times
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We help companies prepare their employees and executives in all language skills. With our method, users and the company notice changes in the first month
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We help refugees obtain their DELE certification to obtain nationality, access training programs, enhance employability, and receive assistance
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What do we offer?

Our technology allows us to assess oral and written production skills with our proprietary methodology, using NLP technology and the quality seal of human teachers.


Our multilevel test provides a precise and reliable assessment of the language skills of the test takers. We use the same criteria to evaluate all individuals, which enhances equality of opportunity among candidates.


Our platform enables continuous tracking and monitoring of candidates‘ results, facilitating progress measurement and the development of personalized training plans.


Langoo provides customized content to help enhance employees’ language skills in a business context, promoting effective communication both internally and externally.


By validating and enhancing employees’ language skills, companies can improve productivity, collaboration, and competitiveness in the global market.



Our technology enables the evaluation of oral and written production skills, following the CEFR criteria.


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