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July 19, 2023

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Personalized Learning: A Transformative Approach

In an increasingly digital and globalized world, it is important to have tools and methods that help maximize the learning potential of each individual. In this regard, Langoo has become a benchmark, providing an innovative platform that adapts to the needs and preferences of each user, resulting in more effective and meaningful learning.

Traditionally, educational systems have used a one-size-fits-all strategy where all students receive the same education at the same time, regardless of their needs, which can hinder students’ progress and limit their potential. Personalized learning is based on the idea that each student is different, with unique learning styles, needs, and interests.

Langoo operates on this premise by offering personalized learning through its platform. By employing e-learning methodologies, the use of intelligent algorithms, and AI, Langoo is capable of generating study plans, providing guided support, and creating activities based on each student’s specific needs. This leads to more effective and motivating learning as students can progress at their own pace and focus on areas that they find more challenging.

Individualized Feedback

Feedback plays a crucial role in effective learning. Langoo has developed a system of personalized grading and assessment notes on its platform, meaning that students receive specific and customized feedback on all the tasks they perform within the platform. This feedback not only focuses on mistakes made but also highlights students’ strengths and provides recommendations for improvement. Based on these strengths and weaknesses, a development-oriented learning plan is created to enhance performance. In addition to these personalized evaluations and study plans, students can track their progress over time and celebrate their achievements. All of this fosters a growth mindset and self-confidence.

Technology for Adaptive Learning

Personalized learning would not be possible without the use of the latest technologies. The E-learning department collaborates with Langoo’s AI experts not only to stay updated on the multitude of implementation possibilities but also to develop methodologies and strategies and execute processes and AI techniques to analyze the data collected from each student, offer a scaling assessment, provide personalized feedback and recommendations, facilitate automated corrections, generate customized reports, among others. These technologies allow for continuous and precise adaptation, resulting in highly individualized learning experiences.

An Adaptable and Customizable Multilevel Approach

One of the innovations developed by Langoo, disregarding the pre-established limitations of each level, is the optimization of personalized learning with a multilevel test. By evaluating performance across different levels of difficulty, the test provides a comprehensive picture of a student’s competencies. Based on these results, Langoo assesses students’ skills and knowledge at different levels, recommends specific learning pathways, and provides some guidance for admission exam preparation. This feature offers students clear and personalized guidance to achieve their academic goals and maximize their chances of entering university.

We are excited to share more information about this adaptable and customizable multilevel approach and how Langoo is changing the way students can make the most of their learning experience. In summary, personalized learning has become the key to educational success, and Langoo is a leader in this field thanks to the collaboration between the E-learning and AI Services departments. Their innovative approach to these 3 key concepts focused on personalized learning provides students with the necessary tools to reach their full potential.

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