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Comprensión de lectura
Comprensión de lectura
Comprensión de lectura DELE Langoo
Comprensión oral
Expresión e interacción orales
Expresión oral DELE plataforma Langoo
Comprensión auditiva
Comprensión auditiva
Comprensión auditivaDELE Langoo
Comprensión escrita
Expresión e interacción escritas
Expresión e interacción escrita DELE plataforma Langoo

What is the DELE exam?

DELE certificates have indefinite validity and international recognition.

They are internationally recognised and certify the level of proficiency achieved by a candidate, regardless of where and when he/she studied Spanish.

A DELE Diploma in Spanish is a certificate awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Professional Development.

Each exam consists of four paper-based tests and can be taken at DELE Examination Centres during the annually scheduled examinations published by the Instituto Cervantes.

The results are published within approximately three months and candidates can access them through the Diplomas de Español DELE website and print the official certificate of grades from their personal access.

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