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We work with initiatives that promote social integration

At Langoo we believe that our project can have a real impact on society, breaking down barriers to professional and personal development. This is possible thanks to our support to achieve language certificates. For this reason, we are currently collaborating with the Organisation Red Cross in Spain.

We are currently working with refugees in Spain to help them pass the DELE exam to obtain their citizenship. This is possible thanks to an agreement with Red Cross Spain, the success of which has encouraged us to set ourselves the challenge of helping 500 people to obtain their certificate by 2023.

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The success of our collaboration with Red Cross Spain derives from our joint capacity and motivation to improve the social integration of refugees and thus increase their chances of employment.
That is why we work every day so that our platform and our innovative methodology become a bridge that helps other people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

That is why we are looking forward to continuing opening new doors that will allow us to replicate this work and go further every day, contributing to social and educational change.

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