May 31, 2022

Improve your English by focusing and linking your ideas with these connectors.


What are connectors?

Connectors are words that help us sequence our ideas within a text or while we speak. There are different types of connectors depending on how you want to link the ideas. With them you can express contrast between ideas, explain the results or give reasons. You can also sequence them or add more to build your argument among others. They provide complexity and proficiency to your English. You will be able to write longer sentences with an overall better coherence. In short, you will be sequencing and linking your thoughts as well as enhancing your performance to the next level.

Types of Connectors:



Although the incidence varies across countries, its impact is uniformly negative.  

– Many people had bruises, though there seemed to be little danger.  


-In the morning it’s still cold but in the evening temperatures rise.


-The bed was very comfortable. However, I couldn’t sleep because I missed my room.

In contrast,:

– The costs of goods decreased last semester. In contrast, health care costs increased.

On the one hand … On the other hand:

On the one hand, I could spend more time with my grandchildren. On the other hand, I had to participate in activities I did not like.

Reason and result


– I couldn’t go to your birthday party because I didn’t feel well

Because of: 

– We stayed at home because of the rain


– I couldn’t apply for the job since the deadline had already passed.

Since I was the only person with experience, I got the job.


-I’ll go on vacation next week. Therefore, I’ve asked my neighbour to water the plants.


In order to:

-I work hard in order to have excellent marks.


– I’ve studied a lot to pass the exam.



-The painting cannot be erased from the wall. Consequently, you will have to pay a fee.


-He has worked hard over the last year. Therefore, he will be promoted next week. 


-I know you’re very tired, so I’ll let you rest

As a consequence of:

-She lost her job as a consequence of her bad decisions

As a result of:

-Diane was injured as a result of a fire



– The essay was too short. Moreover, the vocabulary was inappropriate.

In addition,:

In addition to her studies, she had a part-time job.


– She speaks French besides her mother tongue.

-She has very good marks. Besides, she is studying two languages. 


-She is a talented actress and also a good person.


-It’s late, I’m leaving.

+I think I should go too.


For example:

-There are many things you can do to impress her. For example, make a cake.

Such as: 

-In this degree, you will study several subjects such as science, technology and maths