The training for those
who want to pass
their language

All of our courses are developed
by teachers who are experts in their
languages and who have been preparing
hundreds of students to pass
their exams for years.

What will you find in Langoo?

Hundreds of activities with corrections for practice.

These include writing and speaking practice, we will also give you feedback.

Mock exams under real-life conditions

With a timer so you can learn to manage your time.

Check your progress and see how close you are to be fully prepared and pass the exam.

Tips and training pills.

Our teachers will guide you on how to improve and approach each part of the exam. In addition, theoretical content will also be explained.

Online chat with your personal tutor.

Do you have any pending questions? Our teachers are available for you to ask them and improve.

You can also count on the community, where other users can help you.

Do you have doubts?

Book a tutorial with one of our teachers.
They will guide you through the Cambridge certification, DELE certification, Langoo's platform and method.

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