The exam

Cambridge English
Cambridge is one of most prestigious organisations
in English certification recognised by over
25,000 universities, employers and
government administrations worldwide.

The exam is divided in four areas

1. Reading and Use of English
2. Listening
3. Written
4. Speaking

Characteristics of the exams

Levels in Cambridge English Qualifications These tests and exams are graded according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards. The learning journey from A2 to C2 has also been shaped by the CEFR. The exams can be taken on different dates worldwide (Find your exam centre here) Depending on the level the structure of the exam changes:
A2 Key Reading and Writing Listening Speaking
Description 1 hour
7 parts
32 questions
30 minutes + 6 minutes to transfer your answers
5 parts
25 questions
8–10 minutes per pair of candidates
2 parts
Tasks Writing
Task 1: Guided writing
Task 2: Picture story

Marks (% of the total) 50%



Cambridge scale punctuation 120-139

Additional Information

Are you ready?

You can find the examination dates in the following document set by Cambridge

First choose your exam, if you are not sure what exam suits you best, take our level test. Once you have chosen an exam and found a date that suits you it is time to register to take the Cambridge exam. Here you can find an authorised centre close to your location:

Remember that you must check your prefered date with the availability of the centre you have chosen as well as report if you will take the exam computer-based or paper-based.

The cost of taking a Cambridge English exam depends on the exam level, category and place where you take it. Please contact your chosen exam centre for further information.

  • You can check your results online with Cambridge's free Online Results Service. This is a quick and easy way to access your results.
  • You will need the ID Number and Secret Number provided on your Confirmation of Entry in order to register. Speak to your exam centre if you need these details. Once registered on the platform you will be sent an email confirming when your results are released and ready to be consulted.
  • Paper-based exams normally are released around six to nine weeks after the exam date. For computer-based exams normally start about two weeks after the exam.
  • From this platform you can:
    • Download your Statement of Results
    • Send your results to an education institution, employer or immigration authority
    • Add your qualification to your Linkedin profile

If you are unhappy with the result of your exam and you wish to query your results, you can discuss it with your exam centre. There are deadlines for this process, so you will need to contact your centre as soon as possible after receiving your results.

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