We understand more than anyone that learning a language requires practice, and preparing for language exams alone can be very stressful.

Being and communicating with people who are also on the same journey as you will help you improve your results tremendously. Nobody understands this better than us, and that is why we have created a space for our community on Discord.


This will be a safe space for everyone to reach out to other people fighting the same battle with the Langoo team easily. Join our Discord Community!

What is Discord ?

Discord is a platform that one can use to communicate via chat, video and call.

People use discord to keep in touch with their family, friends or colleagues. Discord has private servers as well as open servers. The private servers are close and can be used to communicate with a closed group. Whereas the open servers are dedicated for discussions around certain specific topics such as Popular games and more.


You can use Discord on your mobile or on your computer. It is available on all major platforms.

Discord is a platform that can be used to communicate online.

What can you do on this platform?

You can join Langoo’s server here: 


When you log into our server you will see few channels: General information, DELE, Cambridge exam. 


Once you are in,  just say Hello to introduce yourself. 


Next step will be to read the Rules, let’s respect each other and talk just about language exams.


Then you can start with Onboarding part, personalize your name on this server with the exam and the level you want to take. If you are not sure what your level is, you can take a level test here


Join to the channel of the exam which you want to be preparated: Spanish channel to be prepared for the DELE exam and the English one to be preparated for the Cambridge exam 


In the Langoo News you can see all the new updates and changes of our services


Language learning doesn’t have to be boring, so visit Intresting Facts where we share some interesting facts about languages, exams and more.


We also have Student Support channel where you can get your doubts solved and questions answered by the Langoo Team.


Apart from all these you have more channels specific to the DELE exam and the Cambridge Language exam. So, what are waiting for? Get to know…


A place that makes it easy to talk every day

Being a part of our community will help you make your journey of language learning more stress-free and fun.

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